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Phenylephrine hydrochloride (a derivative of Phenylephrine) is reported as an ingredient of Paralen in the following countries:

In some cases, fatigue, gastro-gastric disorders (heartburn, nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea), and dry mouth were reported. Rarely, allergic reactions (in the form of a skin rash).

Contraindications to the use of the drug Paralen are: hypersensitivity to ambroxol or to any component of the drug; severe liver dysfunction; severe renal impairment; peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum; pregnancy (I trimester) and breastfeeding; age up to 6 years.

Indications for use Method of use Side effects Contraindications Pregnancy Interaction with other medicinal products Overdose Storage conditions Release form Additional composition, Paralen is a drug used for coughs and colds. Mucolytic agent. Ambroxol has mucolytic and mucoregulatory properties: - normalizes the reduced secretion of mucus by cells of the bronchial acorns - reduces the amount of accumulated and viscous sputum in the bronchi; mucociliary clearance, stimulating the mobility of the ciliary epithelium of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Ambroxol has a protective effect on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and alveolar macrophages: - increases the production of surfactant by pneumocytes; - alveolar macrophage activates - has a noticeable antioxidant effect (which enhances local cytoprotection in the mucosa of the respiratory tract and lung tissue) - has a direct anti-inflammatory effect; - increases the penetration of antibiotics into the lung tissue; - participates in the reduction of bronchial hyperreactivity.

Allergic reactions (skin rash, angioedema, urticaria), dyspeptic disorders (including nausea, epigastric pain). In rare cases, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia. With prolonged use in large doses - hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, pancytopenia.

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Paralin 500 is a medicine with an antipyretic, moderate analgesic effect. It blocks the production of prostaglandins by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase enzyme, acting on the brain of bread, temperature regulation.

Signs of an overdose: pallor of the skin, pain in the pancreas, vomiting, lack of appetite. After a day, signs of hepatonecrosis (liver damage) may appear. In severe cases, hepatic failure develops, coma.

The release is carried out in tablets, 10 or 12 pieces inside the blister pack. The box contains 1-2 such packages.

Paracetamol is almost completely absorbed in the digestive tract. The substance is rapidly distributed within liquids and tissues. Peak plasma values ​​are observed after 0.5-1 hours after taking the medication.

Prescribing Paraline during pregnancy is only allowed in situations where the possible benefit of a woman is more likely than the development of complications in the fetus.

The mechanism of drug action is due to the suppression of GHG activity inside the central nervous system. This type of oppression is selective..

Paracetamol is almost completely absorbed in the digestive tract. The substance is rapidly distributed within liquids and tissues. Peak plasma values ​​are observed after 0.5-1 hours after taking the medication.

The analgesic effect of paracetamol when using a single dose of a medicinal product of 500-1000 mg lasts for 3-6 hours. Antipyretic effect at the same time lasts for 3-4 hours.

Certain substances that make up eucalyptus oils enter the respiratory tract, producing an immediate expectorant effect.

Deti a dospievajúci vo veku 6-15 rokov: Podáva sa 1/2 tablety až 1 tableta ako jednorazová dávka. Jednotlivé dávky sa podávajú s časovým odstupom najmenej 6 hodín. Interval možno skrátiť podľa potreby na 4 hodiny, pričom nesmie byť prekročená maximálna celková denná dávka. U detís telesnou hmotnosťou i maximálna celková denná dávka 3 tablety (1.5 g paracetamolu). U detís telesnou hmotnosťou 26-40 kg I can not wait for the day of the week (2 g paracetamolu). U detí s telesnou hmotnosťou 40-50 kg I can not wait for the day 6 (3 g paracetamolu). Tabuľka s odporúčaným dávkovaním lieku je uvedená SPC (časť 4.2)

Dospelí a dospievajúci (starší ako 15 rokov) s telesnou hmotnosťou viac ako 50 kg: Podáva sa 1-2 tablety podľa potreby v časovom odstupe najmenej 4 hodiny do maximálnej dennej dávky 8 tabliet. Najvyššia jednotlivá dávka I 2 tablety. Počas dlhodobej liečby (nad 10 dni) nemá denná dávka prekročiť 5 tabliet.